Allotment decision: government confirms benefits to local area and to hospital’s future plans

The decision letter that gave approval for Farm Terrace allotment land to be included in the Watford Health Campus has reconfirmed the benefits of the scheme to the local area and the town.


One part of the letter states:  the Secretary of State does consider that there are exceptional circumstances in the public interest in this case to allow the use of the Farm Terrace allotment land to be developed as part of the Watford Health Campus and that their use to support the regeneration initiative with its significant benefits to the population of Watford outweighs the benefits of the site remaining as statutory allotment land.


In terms of the West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust’s plans for the Watford Hospital site, the Secretary of State comments:  the Secretary of State is of the view that the allotment land would permit the best configuration of the future expansion of hospital facilities onsite in a cost effective way, including by permitting decant land for the reconfiguration process. The wider public benefits of ensuring cost effective yet optimum improvements at the hospital are clear.


He also cites the Trust’s position as set out in a letter sent to Elected Mayor Dorothy Thornhill MBE in January 2016 which explains that, in terms of its future plans: some or all of the allotment land is very likely to be required by the Trust to support our strategic development plans.






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