Thomas Sawyer Way: opening November 2016: changing the way you get to and from Watford Hospital

Thomas Sawyer Way map.2

Thomas Sawyer Way, the new road to Watford General Hospital will be opened this November.

In addition to providing significantly improved access for ambulances, staff and visitors, the road also marks the completion of the infrastructure that will support the development of the wider Health Campus. At this point, the road will only provide access to the hospital but will eventually serve the future development associated with the Health Campus.


The opening of the road will mean changes to the way in which you will access the hospital by car. Road signs in and around Watford are being changed to reflect the changes and this is also set out below:


    • General visitors will get to and from the hospital via the new road from either Dalton Way or Wiggenhall Road. This will provide access to the visitor car parks at the back of the hospital where footpaths will provide access from the car parks to the main hospital. Please note that the visitor car parks will not be accessible from Vicarage Road.


    • Disabled car parking remains in its current position near the Vicarage Road entrance and the Renal unit. Blue Badge holders wishing to park in disabled spaces will continue to access the hospital from the existing entrance at Vicarage Road.


    • Drop off access to the Maternity ward will continue to be via the existing entrance at Vicarage Road.


    • Emergency access to the Accident and Emergency (A&E) unit will be via the new road from either Dalton Way or Wiggenhall Road.


    • Ambulances will continue to be able to access the site from either Vicarage Road or the new road, depending on their approach.


    • Hospital staff who park in the main staff car park will use the new road to get into and out of the car park. Those staff with essential permits will continue to have access to the Oak and Cedar car park via Willow Lane.


    • Pedestrian and cycle access will remain as existing from Vicarage Road but pedestrians and cyclists will also now be able to access the site from Wiggenhall Road using the new road.


  • Blue Light Section
    Part of the road is only for the use of ambulances and buses, with no other vehicular access permitted. As such, the road cannot be used as a ‘cut through’ for vehicles between Wiggenhall Road and Vicarage Road.

‘No Entry’ signage will remind drivers of this restriction and there will also be some periodic Police presence to remind drivers.
General access to the hospital for patients, staff and visitors is not affected by the restriction.

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