The Vision

Watford Health Campus is an ambitious long-term scheme which will be completed over a 15 to 20 year period and will deliver:

New business and work opportunities: with premises and facilities to attract new businesses to west Watford and creating up to 1,300 new jobs.  The first industrial zone – known as Trade City, Watford – is currently under construction and will be open for business in summer 2017

The opportunity to develop facilities at Watford Hospital, which serves up to 500,000 people: an improved road network and better use of space will offer greater flexibility for the hospital’s future plans.

Much needed new homes, including affordable homes across the site. The first residential area known currently as ‘Willow Lane’ is currently being designed and an application for planning permission is expected to be submitted in spring 2017

Better access and modern infrastructure, including a new road to the hospital site: the road is now open and is helping to reduce congestion and allow much easier and quicker access for hospital vehicles, patients, staff and visitors.   It also opens up the rest of the scheme for development. There will also be better walking routes and cycling facilities. The Metropolitan Line Extension provides a new station (Watford Vicarage Road) within a short walking distance of the Health Campus.

Green, open spaces for the whole community to enjoy: attractive, new landscaped spaces are planned including riverside walks to open up the River Colne for the community. They will provide new wildlife habitats and encourage bio-diversity.

A community garden: where local people can enjoy the benefits of growing fresh produce.

Local community facilities: with a new community hub forming the heart of the Watford Health Campus. Local people as well as patients, staff and visitors to the hospital will enjoy a lively neighbourhood centre with shops and community facilities.

Cleaning-up of former industrial and contaminated land.

Progressive environmental and sustainable solutions: these will be promoted throughout the scheme.

Watford Health Campus is designated as Special Policy Area (SPA) in Watford Borough Council’s Local Plan: Core Strategy: see page 30

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