Over the last three years, significant progress has been made in delivering the Health Campus vision and objectives.

  • June 2011: the council, in conjunction with West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust, issued an OJEU notice to procure a Private Sector Partner (PSP) for the Watford Health Campus.
  • September 2012: Kier Project Investment Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Kier Group Plc was selected as preferred bidder.
  • December 2012: approval given to proceed with establishing a Local Asset Backed Vehicle (LABV) between the council and Kier. The public sector partners contribute land and the investment partner contributes capacity to deliver, skills, experience and funds to develop the asset. Any profits generated through the LABV are shared 50:50The LABV is known as Watford Health Campus Partnership LLP.
  • December 2013: planning permission granted for the scheme‚Äôs infrastructure, including the new road.
  • January / February 2014: public engagement with the local community on the proposed masterplan for the scheme.
  • April 2014: submission of two planning applications for the scheme.
  • September 2014: Planning approval achieved for hybrid planning application – subject to S106 agreement.
  • January 2015: S106 agreement signed
  • February 2015:preparation work starts for new road construction
  • June 2015: construction work starts on new road
  • January 2016: CPO decision received
  • August 2016: commencement of first Industrial Zone
  • November 2016: road completed

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