Farm Terrace Allotments

Farm Terrace allotments are a council owned allotment site located next to Watford Hospital and Watford Football Club.

In May 2016 permission was granted by the Secretary of State for the Department of Communities and  Local Government for the third time for their change of use so that they could be included in the Watford Health Campus scheme. This was challenged through a Judicial Review by some of the Farm Terrace Allotment holders (acting as the Farm Terrace Community Association).  In November 2016, Mrs Justice Lang upheld the Secretary of State’s decision.  In her judgement, she noted:

“In my judgment, the Secretary of State was correct to hold that the interference with the… rights of the allotment holders was justified and proportionate because of the wider public benefits to be gained by incorporation of the Allotments into the Scheme.  Given the allocation of new allotments nearby, the assistance to re-locate, and financial compensation to the allotment holders, I consider that a fair balance has been struck.”

The use of the allotment allows for:

  • the hospital to plan for the future of the Watford site by providing space for the best configuration of facilities and services (nearly half of the Farm Terrace land is allocated for hospital use)
  • family housing
  • supporting the viability of the scheme, which has been shown to be marginal for a scheme of this size
  • the delivery of a high quality development that will enhance the local area and create an attractive place to live

Click here to see Mrs Justice Lang’s approved judgment:  Nov 2016